Professional Garden Fencing Services - Newcastle upon Tyne

We offer a wide range of professional garden fencing and landscaping services. We can design your fence in a range of styles/designs to suit to your taste - with space boarded, closed boarded or overlapped boards proving to be our most common requests. We can also offer a choice of colour in light or dark timber to suit you and can even paint/treat the fence after its built, again to your choice or specification.

Here is an example of a recent larger fencing job we carried out it included removing an existing fence to extend the garden out. We added a long run of 6ft space boarded eventually stepping down into a 4ft run. We also added large 150 x 150 driveway posts for a premium look and reinstated all groundwork following installation.

We do a proper job - every time! Call today for a free quotation on your next garden fencing or landscaping project.

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